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Miskolc is situated in the north-eastern part of Hungary at the so-called Miskolc Gate, where the mountains of the Highlands become hills and the Sajó and Hernád rivers flow towards the Great Hungarian Plain. From the Avas hill a beautiful view opens to the surrounding area: to the north the 2,000-meter high peaks of the Tatras, to the south the Great Hungarian Plain, to the west the Bükk Mountains climb over the horizon, and to the east the Tokaj Hill can be seen above the royal wine-district. Here, at the intersection of the two geographical regions, lies today's Miskolc, the 4th largest town in Hungary, with a population of around 200,000.

Living in Miskolc

The price level of Hungary is quite favourable for most visitors coming from other parts of the European Union. According to the Central Statistics Office of Hungary the monthly expenses of an average Hungarian in 2013 (excluding health and housing costs) were around HUF 50,000 ~ €160. Miskolc can be considered cheap even in Hungarian terms. The cost of accommodation in the hostels offered by the university is around €120. A Big-Mac costs HUF 860 (~€2.8) according to The Economist. The price of a beer or a cup of coffee is €1-2, tickets for a music concert typically cost €4-10.


The territory of and around the city was inhabited as early as prehistoric times. The settlement was first mentioned by the name of Miskolc around 1200 AD. King (Anjou) Louis I made Miskolc a market town, and built a gothic castle that still stands in Diósgyőr, which is now a district of the town.

After World War II, up to 1990, this region was the country's main heavy industrial centre. The transition period started in the late 1980s brought serious new problems and challenges to Miskolc, as the major employers in steel and metal production were closed down. Though many of the problems live on, the town has found its place, role and image in the new era. Many multinational companies (Robert Bosch GmbH, Remy Automotive, Sanofi, Shinwa, Takata Safety Systems) have established branches in the Miskolc are, who now employ over 10,000 people in the area.


The famous Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca is just 10 minutes from the university campus. The Diósgyőr Castle is around 10 kilometres away, while Lillafüred is about 20 kilometres from the university. Both the Tokaj and the Eger wine regions are around 40-50 kilometres away from Miskolc, and they can be reached within an hour by bus or train.

The town can boast of a vivid cultural life and offers a wide choice of leisure time activities too. Cinemas and multiplex movies can be found downtown, along Széchenyi Street , in Szinvapark shopping centre and Miskolc Plaza . If you want to have a good meal or just a snack, or to drink something and have a pleasant chat with friends, you will surely bump into a nice restaurant or café.

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