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The 'COMPLETE LIST OF AVAILABLE COURSES' is subject to changes and modifications. Please note that some of these courses will not be instructed in classes, but in the form of individual contact hours with the teachers. The final assessment of your studies will be given on the basis of the following elements: number of contact hours, individual project work (individual elaboration of specialised literature) in the departmental or central libraries, submitted interim reports (if requested by the teachers), final report/exam (oral or written).

At the end of your studies, the International Office will issue a Transcript of Records about the courses you completed and the credits you obtained. The credits stated on the Transcript are equivalent to the ECTS credit points, there is no need for further conversion.

​(For more comfortable use you may use filters in some of the columns. E.g. if you are only looking for courses taught at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, you may type earth in the filter in the header of the 'Faculty' column)