The full course offer is available here.

The study programmes are arranged by the faculty coordinators, they will help you in all study matters. At the orientation meeting, you will get the exact contact hours of the coordinators.

You can choose courses from different faculties, but remember that the form of teaching can be different too:

  • individual contact hours with the teachers (faculties of mechanical engineering and informatics, law, arts);
  • studying with Hungarian students (faculties of economics, arts - English and German studies, sociology);
  • studying with other  (non-Erasmus) international students (faculties of earth science, materials science, mechanical engineering and informatics).

Learning agreements can be changed in the first 3 weeks of the lecture period. The modifications have to be fixed in the Changes to the LA document, it has to be taken to the Erasmus Office for signature and sending to your home university.

You can study languages (English, Hungarian, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian) free of charge and get credits.

At the beginning of your studies you will be given a NEPTUN code. The only occasion when you have to use your Neptun code will be in the middle of the semester when you have to register your final courses on our website.

At the end of your studies, you will get a final Transcript of Records about the courses you studied and the grades and credits you received here. The Transcript of Records will be issued once you return the Study Records form to the Erasmus Office. The Study Records should be filled in and signed by all of your teachers.

The Transcript of Records will also contain the duration of your studies in Miskolc. Please note that we will certify the real duration of your studies, not a longer period, especially not an extra month. Students usually arrive in early September/February, and leave late December/May, which is 3.5-4 months worth of Erasmus+ grant.

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