At the University of Miskolc (ME) around 10,000 students and appr. 1,500 lecturers and staff live and work together on a self-contained campus. The university also builds strong intellectual and cultural links with the city of Miskolc in order to play a crucial role in the blood circulation of the town and the region, and to form an integral part of the social and economic framework of the city, the region and the country.

The university has the following faculties and institutes:

  • Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering (founded 1735);
  • Faculty of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (founded 1735);
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics (founded 1949);
  • Faculty of Law (founded 1981);
  • Faculty of Economics (founded in 1987);
  • Faculty of Arts (founded in 1992);
  • Bartók Béla Institute of Music (accession 1997);
  • Faculty of Health Care (accession 2001).


The predecessor of the University of Miskolc was the school of mining and metallurgy (Bergschule) established by Charles III in Selmecbánya in 1735, which was the world’s first higher education instution giving instruction in these fields (in Freiberg, courses were launched in 1765, in Berlin in 1770, and in St Petersburg in 1773). In 1762, Maria Theresia gave the school academy status (Bergakademie).

From 1846, foresters were also trained in the institution. Later, the Selmec school served as a model for the establishment of European technical colleges. In 1794, Paris Technical University organised its laboratory trainings on the basis of the Selmec system. The world’s first international technical society, in which 14 countries were represented, was founded with the contribution of Selmec professors in Szklenó, not far from Selmecbánya.

Following the Austro-Hungarian compromise in 1867, German was replaced by Hungarian as the language of instruction, and the name of the institution was changed to Magyar Királyi Bányászati és Erdészeti Akadémia (’Royal Hungarian Academy of Mining and Forestry’).

In 1920, as a result of the Trianon peace treaties, Selmec became part of Czechoslovakia so the academy had to move. It was Sopron that gave home to the homeless institution. Act No. XXIII of 1949 of the Hungarian National Assembly ordered that ’in order to enhance higher education in technology, a university of heavy industry be established in Miskolc. The university shall be divided into the faculties of mining and metallurgical engineering.’ Thus, in 1949, the university consisting of the Faculties of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, moved from Sopron, and the newly founded Faculty of Mechanical Enginering was established in Miskolc.

The first day of instruction was 18 September, 1949.

As of 1 July, 1990, the name of the university was changed to University of Miskolc (Hungarian abbreviation: ME).

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