Please make sure you have the necessary health insurance.

EU-citizens: You will need a  European Union Health Insurance Card valid for the whole duration of your stay in Hungary, which will entitle you to free-of-charge emergency medical care. No other insurance is needed.

Non-EU citizens:  You have to make an insurance contract with an insurance company in your home country for the duration of your studies abroad. It means that you will have to pay full price for any medical service (visit to a doctor) and also for the medicine in Hungary and your expenses will be reimbursed in your home country on the basis of receipts. Please note that Erasmus student status and the Hungarian student card are not enough to get free-of-charge medical treatment. If you have no insurance, you will have to pay for everything and there will be no compensation later.

If any health problems arise during your stay, you can visit the university doctor’s surgery/dentistry in student hostel E/4 on the ground floor. Ask someone to go with you to avoid language problems (or, if it is not urgent, you can ask somebody to make an appointment with the doctor). After a medical check-up the doctor will decide if you need a specialised examination or hospital treatment. If so, you will be given a warrant for further examination or hospitalisation.