Network coordinators

  • Have you been awarded the CEEPUS scholarship by the Hungarian national CEEPUS office?

Please check your status at the Ceepus portal. If it is AWARDED, then you have to accept the conditions of the programme electronically and your status will change to ACCEPTED. Please note that it is not enough to get the Letter of Award from the Hungarian Ceepus Office, you still need to go through the online acceptance phase to get ACCEPTED status. This is an important step, because this will allow the host university to pay your Ceepus scholarship. Your application must be in the ACCEPTED status.

  • Are you a short-term student (less than 3 months’ stay for thesis or PhD dissertation)?

STATUS ST:  Please contact the local network coordinator of the host  university for further discussion on the details of your Ceepus study programme and schedule at least 2 weeks before your planned arrival.
Minimum requirements for a one-month scholarship:  minimum of 21 days spent at the host university.
For administrative or accommodation issues please contact the Institutional Ceepus Coordinator

  • Are you a short-term excursion student ?

STATUS STE:  Please contact the  local network coordinator for further discussion on the details of your Ceepus excursion. Administrative and accommodation issues will be arranged by the network coordinator.

  • Are you a summer school student?

STATUS ST:  Please contact the network coordinator, Dr. Péter KÖRTESI, for further discussion on the details of your Ceepus Summer School studies. Administrative and accommodation issues will be arranged by the network coordinator. For all details, please keep in contact with Dr. Körtesi.

  • Are you a semester student (4-5 months’ stay to complete a full semester)?

STATUS S:  All your study and accommodation matters will be treated together with incoming Erasmus+ students. All information and course lists can be found on the Erasmus website.

Steps to take:


FOR ST STUDENTS: There are guest rooms in student hostel E/6 on campus. If you choose this type of accommodation, the Institutional Ceepus Coordinator will make the reservation for you. Accommodation fee should be paid at the receptionist desk, in cash, in HUF.
If no rooms are available or if you prefer staying outside the university, you may reserve accommodation on your own in the hotels or apartment houses of nearby Tapolca, the tourist district of Miskolc.

FOR STE AND SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENTS: Accommodation will be arranged by the HU-28 network coordinator either on or off campus depending on the possibilities.

FOR S STUDENTS: Your accommodation will be arranged together with Erasmus+ students by the Institutional Ceepus Coordinator.

Payment of the CEEPUS scholarship

Please note that there is no in-cash payment at the University of Miskolc, only bank transfer is possible. You will get a declaration form by e-mail to fill in the details of your Ceepus stay and banking data. You will bring the completed form with you and will give it to the Institutional Ceepus Coordinator after arrival with your original signature. As soon as you submit this document and start your Ceepus studies, the Inst. Coordinator will start the transfer transaction. As it takes quite a long time, you should prepare with enough money to support your stay and subsistence in Miskolc.

Scholarship amounts:

  • S AND ST STUDENTS:  100,000 HUF/month
  • STE (excursion) STUDENTS:  25,000 HUF/month
  • SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENTS: it varies depending on the planned budget of the Summer School.  A part of the 100,000 HUF student scholarship will be paid to you, the rest will be kept back by the university to cover general expenses and/or accommodation/boarding.  The proportion of the paid and unpaid parts will be decided by the network coordinator of HU-28 according to the approved budget.
  • FULL-SEMESTER STUDENTS:  the Ceepus scholarship will be paid in 2 instalments:

                             2 x  100,000 HUF after arrival
                             2 x  100,000 HUF at the end of the 2nd month

Confirmation of your study period

The local network coordinator must upload the exact dates of your stay to and print/sign  a Confirmation for you. Please do not forget to contact the coordinator before your departure.

Transcript of records for full-semester students

At the beginning of your studies, you will get the Ceepus Study Records Sheet. On the last week of the lecturing period, you have to meet each of your teachers and collect your results from them. This completed sheet must be handed to the Institutional Ceepus Coordinator, who will prepare the TOR in 1-2 days.