It is never easy to find yourself in a foreign country, surrounded by strangers, new circumstances, new customs, different people speaking an unknown language, and to get used to a new way of life. You might feel lost and alone, especially when all these new experiences go together with communication problems, as can often happen here in Hungary.

In order to avoid all these troubles and to make your life smoother, we have set up a student mentor (buddy) system. The local section of Erasmus Student Network - the members of ESN MISKOLC - provide you with information and help through mentors. Some of our enthusiastic and volunteer students (from all faculties) are ready to help you in all practical issues: giving advice and information; showing you around the university to help you find the different departments, teachers, classrooms, important offices and places related to your university life (International Office, Registrar’s Office, library, post office, canteen, cafeterias, doctor’s surgery, grocery shop, photocopy service, computer room, sports facilities etc.). Through your buddies’ assistance, you will become part of the student community. They will also give you basic orientation in the city: how to use public transport; where to go shopping, eating; what sights are worth seeing; where to make excursions to; and where to go for entertainment.

As soon as your applications and learning agreements are processed and accepted by the International Office, ESN Miskolc will start selecting the most appropriate mentors for you. At least one month before the start of the semester, each of you will get the name and the e-mail address of a Hungarian student, who will be your personal mentor all throughout your stay in Miskolc. This way, long before coming to Hungary, you will be in permanent contact with a fellow student. Just feel free to put any kind of questions in connection with life in Hungary and academic or student life at the university. You can always have a friendly chat with your mentor, who, hopefully, might become a friend for a lifetime. You can also ask him/her to meet you at the railway station on your arrival and take you to your accommodation.

For more information, you can contact the head student coordinator:

Probably, the first 2 weeks of your new student life will be full of official procedures and acclimatisation and you will need to meet your mentor frequently, but later, step by step, you will feel more independent and secure about standing on your own feet. However, it is advised to keep in touch with your mentor in case you need help later on.

There is one more important thing to remember: you will have to keep in touch with the International Office too, because there are certain things which the student mentors have no capacity and authorisation to manage, e.g. the arrangement of your study programme or accommodation.